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Justine feeling better

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I guess it is a good thing Justine is felling better.  As much as I do not like her for cheating at the FO, it si a bummer when tennis loses one of it's best competitors.

She is training in Spain.  It would be nice to see the following at the beginning of 2005

Healthy Justine HH
Healthy Serena
Healthy Venus
Healthy Kin C.

With those 4 back in action and all playing well the WTA would seem a little tougher.

i hope she loses from now till hell freezes over.   :))

On one hand I hope that, on the other hand I hope she helps to raise the level of the game on the women's tour.  That cheating thing still fries my brain!

alright i amend my request. i want her to play every watch to a third set tiebreak.  then to lose 18-20 in the breaker till hell freezes over!  :))

lol, that sounds like a reasonable request.  :)


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