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OSU Buckeye:

Level: 4.5
Age:  30 something
Height:  6' 5" plus
Weight:  3-HUN....not really, that was a nickname of mine back in my heavier drinking College days!
Hand: Righty, 2-hand backhand for returns, developing 1-handed backhand for groundies.
Style:  Doubles almost exclusively.  My style is to do what I gotta do to get to net and finish points!  
Strengths:  forehand, intensity, touch around the net.  Playing on the same team as Scott, Jeffro, and no longer Freebird!
Weakness: 2cnd serve and singles altogether.
Favorite shot:  In the words of P-Mac, "THE DROPPER", volley that is!

OSU Buckeye:
I am going to Cincy this Sunday for the final of the Qaulifier and to watch all the pros practice.  Watching them on the  practice courts from within 10-20 feet is the best.  I highly recommend it!  Hopefully I can take a bunch of pix with my new digital camera and have Scottie show me how to post them.

Just send me the photos and I will put them somewhere you can link to.

I wish I was going with you on Sunday but I will be at work.  Watching the pros is awesome, especially up close.  The TV really does no justice for how hard they really hit that ball!

You don't need to go to Cincy to see a pro.  Just stand behind Jeffro sometime (hopefully not after he's had burritos).

OSU Buckeye:
I apologize big time!  I forgot the digital camera so no pix.  The action was amazing though!  We saw 50+ pros between the practice courts and the qualifying matches.  These dudes are machines and watch the ball through contact religiously.  I got to talk to Ginepri's dad next to the court he was practicing on.


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