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Federer Safin stats


These are kind of interesting...

   Safin took 7 match points to defeat the world No.1
   The fifth set went for 80 minutes
   Federer won 201 points, Safin 194
   The Swiss had one match point in the 4th set tie-break
   Unforced errors: Federer 59, Safin 60
   The match went for 4 hours and 28 minutes

Federer won 7 points more than Safin and had 1 less unforced error.  What a tight match.  Anyone watch it yet?

was it on after the davenport match?
i was waiting for it but women tennis kept playing

They showed it this afternoon on ESPN2.  I just got done watching it.  Both players looked very tired, but Safin looked better off.  Federer made more errors in the latter half of the second set than he does in most matches.

Safin caught the break of the match though serving at 15-30 (5-5) he ripped a backhand up the line and the call was good, shot spot showed it clearly out.  It would of given Fed 2 break points and a chance to serve out the match.  Tough call, you hate to see those kind of calls in a match like that, you never want to award someone a point for a missed attempt.  I am in favor of the instant replay.

Safin and Fed at the net was nice, Safin tried to bust in a small hug.  It took Fed so long to get to the net after match point I think I fell asleep and woke about about 20 minutes later once he got there.  

Did Fed slip and fall on match point?

Yeah, it looked like he slipped while running -- he sure tried to get back up until he saw that Safin hit too good of a shot then he stayed on his knees and kinda remained there looking all puppyish and pathetic.

He was so out of form today.

It was the best men's tennis match I have ever seen!!!. I knew Safin would give him trouble, especially the way he played against Federer at the masters. Federer may have not have been at the top of his game, but I saw some other things which should become worrisome to his opponets, have you noticed how much more comfortable he is at the net?, his volleys are getting better and he is learning to mix up his serve and volleys more often. I think is work with Tony Roche is starting to pay off.


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