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The First "GOOD" Racket You Owned

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When I first started playing in about 1970 (yes I am old - 46), I went to the local five and dime store and bought some wooden piece of crap for about $5.  That was a good thing because I made Safin look like a choir boy compared to what I'd do to a racket after my 5th consecutive double fault.  But finally I saved up and bought a ....................................Head Pro, you oldtimers may remember it as the red-throated racket.  I thought I had invested in the best piece of equipment ever and I really did like it and used it for a few years before springing for a Prince Pro, the original oversized racket.  I swear it took 6 months to adjust to that.
What was everyone else's first ggod racket?

My first good racquet was the Prince Synergy 28 OS.  

Speaking of racquets, I lost a racquet today as I hit a serve.  The racquet came out of my hand and smashed the ground.  Last week I had 4 racquets, now I have 2.  Geez!

Scott - you know you can get 3 wraps of Tournagrip for $4.99.  That's a small price to pay to save 2 rackets per week. :whistle:

I use Prince Duratred, I love the stuff.  I haven't lost a racquet like that in 6 years.  Back then I was using Tournagrip   :)~

lol I always keep an overgrip on my racquets. Just helps the grip a lot -- and keeps me from smashing them into the ground  :uh:

My first real racquet was the HEAD Ti.s5 oversize -- in fact, it was only a little over a year ago that I switched from that to the Head i.s5 oversize and finally to my i.radical.


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