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Those of you from the last board know my coaching experiences from the last 2 years with the High School I was at.  Great 2 seasons, the last season they had it was one of their best in a LOOOOOONG time.  Then they let me go and 2 weeks later a teacher took the job.

I was pretty bummed.  I really liked those kids and worked with them a lot even outside of school practice.

None the less...

Today I was sorta offered another job, or at least I was told I was recommended from one of their girls coaches.  I think I would need to make up my mind if I want to start coaching again so soon.  Obviously a different school.  I would be the varsity coach, so that is good.

For some reason I am up in the air about it.  The same time I am supposed to start coaching we are going to be having our second kid...


MC ill Logic:
I think you should reserve all your spare time for the kids.   Your wife's going to need the help, and you should be there not just to help, but to see all them first moments.  And congrats on the baby!!!


I don't think we loyal subjects of yours really have enough information to be able to offer much.  This is something you and the mrs need to sit down and discuss in length.  I don't know how much time you spend on your everyday job.  If you work lots of hours, taking on a 2nd job, albeit one you love, this could be difficult in your current situation.  I know if I had MORE time that is something that I would love to do also, but you need to have work/family balance.  Good luck on making a wise decision.

PS - I thought Ohio State already had a coach. ;-()

LOL, if only it was OSU.  It is in Westerville.  I thought about it a lot last night.  The last 2 times I coached i had 2 other jobs, I was moonlighting Architecture while working downtown.  Now I only work from home.

I have decided to not go for the job though.  It is further away than my last one, I need to study for my Architectural licensing exams and the kid (last but not least).

I was hoping for a few years of non-coaching before I jumped back into it.  It just all took me by suprise when someone (Daryl, Jamesdster knows who that is) reffered them to me.

Now bring on my son!

That sucks...the same happened to me too. I was teaching at a community college for 2 seasons then they booted me out because some teachter wanted the job. Appearantly, seniority will always win over even though they don't know jack about tennis.


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