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A-Rod's capitulation...


All the talk yesterday was about whether Fed would ever win another Slam.....I think a better question is whether Roddick will ever win another one. Realistically, the French is way out of his reach, but he didn't really look like winning any Slam at all last year (even though he reached the Wimbledon final) and gets consistently beaten by the likes of Hewitt, Agassi & Federer.
What do you think then? One Slam wonder?

Just give him some more time - he'll win a few more slams. I think his confidence is a bit low at the moment, it will come back eventually. Roddick would have won wimbledon the last two years if it wasn't for Federer. I think he paid the price for having a lame ass draw so far in this torunament, he wasn't ready to step it up today against Hewitt. Too many double faults and unforced errors today. With this defeat, Hewitt takes Roddick's no.2 spot.

I think Roddick will win a few more slams, well, at least one more slam.

US Open has always been his best shot.  He should win at least
one more.


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