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Will men's final be live on ESPN2 Sunday morning?


Will ESPN2 have live coverage of the men's final at 3:30 AM EST on Sunday morning.  I understand with Roddick it may not be.  I do know with Hewitt in there will be great interest in Australia.

I know in the past I've watched the finals of both women's and men's live and it seems to me they started at a better time (for us in the USA) than 3:30 A.M.  In fact, I think I heard the women's final is tonight at 9:30 PM EST.  Don't hold me to this though.

Oh, we are holding it to you alright!!!

You are correct that the women's final will be live at 9:30 PM EST like in the past years.  It has been that way quite a few years but used to be at 9:00 PM EST.  In the last few years they have also moved the starting time later for the semifnals of the women to 9:30 PM EST. That helped ESPN2 which wants other sports first.  That is in case they run long which happend when they lasted nearly five hours.  They have found that sometimes the preceeding doubles match was not over in time so they moved final a half hour later.  The women's semifnals used to start at 7:00 PM EST and then doubles were added first but the semifinasl then had no definate starting time and ESPN2 would no longer carry it live unless it just happened to fit right by accident.  This is the first year the men's finall has been changed to prime time in Australia to be the same time as each semifinal.  That will help those fans in Europe that get to see it at 9:30 AM local time which is 8:30 in England.  Those in San Paulo and Rio in Brazil will get it at 6:30 AM.  The men's semifnlas also used to start at 7:00 PM EST and later doubles were added first and the men's semifinals also had to definate starting time and ESPN2 would not longer carry them live.  They will still see the women's final at 3:30 AM local time which is 2:30 AM in England.  I guess that way most everbody gets to see at least one of the finals and semifinals at a convenient time.  The US open women's final was moved two years ago to prime time instead of being between men's semifnlas which also gave it no definate starting time which was hard for any international TV networks that wanted to do the women's final only.  Then on Friday at one time the men's doulbes final for the US Open was inbetween the women's semifinas which would give the second semifnal not definate starting time.  Now the men's doubles finals are played first on Friday with a half hour break before the women's semifnlas for local news.  You still get uncertain staring time for the women's finals.  The US Open plays the women's doubles finals starting about three hours before the men's finals to make sure it is over in time.  They will also delay the men's final starting time for all the US football games to be over on CBS that started at 1:00 PM EDT.


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