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Hi I'm Matt. I'm new here but I'll try to keep updating my journal regularly.

Heres some info for you all:
Weight: 7 stone
Stroke info: 2 handed backhand and semi western grip

I played today against my regular hitting partner. Who is quicker around the court than me but has limited shots. We played 2 sets and I won 6-2 6-4. I could do with working on my serve and getting a coach.

"7 stone"?

sorry 98lb we call it 7 stone in england

played against my hitting partner again kinda kicked his arse i could really do with someone new to play with. How do u all meet new people.

First off, welcome to the forums!!!  I am glad you found us here!!!!!!!!!!

Finding new people can always be tricky but here are a few ideas.  You will be slightly limited since you depend on parents for transportation.

Get into tournaments and meet people that way.

Find the local clubs and see if they have clinics or leagues for players your level.

Just hit the local popular outdoor courts with a bucket of balls and practice serve.  If you see someone around your level ask them if they would like to hit sometime.  :)


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