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Will US Open men's final move to prime time on Sunday?

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Will the US Open men's final move to prime time next September on Sunday evening?  I have heard talk that some have suggested it might  move.  Sime men's finals often last longer it would start at 7:00 PM EDT than 8:00 PM EDT for the women's final.  Also CBS would continue to have all its football games with a 1:00 PM EDT kickoff so you would not have to delay the start time as you now sometimes have to to when the football games are not over by 4:00 PM EDT.  The policy of the NFL in the last few years is to have the network that has two games to have the second one kickoff at 4:15 ET and the one with one game has kickoffs at 1:00 or 4:05 depending on the location.  Also the networks will delay the prime time shows in the Eastern and Central time zones to after all games are over.  Those on the Pacific time zone and most in the Mountain time zone that start Sunday prime time at 6:00 PM to have shows at normal times.   I also wonder if the decsion to have ESPN2 show the  AO Open when play starts at 7:00 PM EST on the two Sunday evenings is a test to see how a Sunday evening US Open final would do since that would also be the time a US Open final might start.

it would be a good idea for tennis. although i prefer watching saturday sunday afternoon.

I kind of like it the way it is now too, but I guess it does cut into my tennis schedule!  Maybe evenign would be better for me.  Great!  Then it is settled, if it is better for me they shoudl do it. :)

Remember also if the US Open men's final moves to prime time which would most likely 7:00 PM EDT it would mean those in Europe woulld get it at a less convenient time which would be 1:00 AM and midnight in England instead of the present 10:00 PM for Europe and 9:00 for England.  However those in Sydney would now get it Monday morning at 9:00 AM , Japan would get it at 8:00 AM, Perth and China would get it at 7:00 AM while Thialand would get it at 6:00 AM.  That would be a better time for getting up in the morning rather than the present 3:00 AM for Thailand, 4:00 AM for Perth, 5:00 AM for Japan, and 6:00 AM for Sydney.  Under my proposal those in India would get it at 4:30 AM instead of 1:30 AM so those would now get up early instead of staying up late.   Depending on where you are some will get it at a better time while some will get it at a less desireable time just as what happend with  the AO Open men's final when it moved to prime time.

Good points....  How do you know all that?  Do you work in TV?  No matter, I am glad we have an expert here for that area!!!


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