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Reduced number of member count


I am not sure if many of you even look to see at the bottom of the forum index page how many members we have here.  We constantly get bombarded with bots that sign up hoping to post their spam links (which is why we make you respond to a confirmation e-mail to sign up here) and we also get a lot of members signing up that never post.  

A few times per day I remove bot usernames that signed up.  But today I decided to start removing member names that have been signed up for more than 4-6 months and have never posted.  We had a large number of people who signed up as far back as 2005 and have never posted anything.  So today I went through and removed 200+ usernames.

So now the number of usernames at the bottom of the forum index better reflect the number of users that we really have here, even if they have posted just once.


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