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Hewitt's new attitude


He wasn't saying this 3 weeks ago.  :)

--- Quote --- "Always said I'd do anything to have chance to play in the first night final here in history, and I've got my chance," Hewitt said. "It's awesome. It's a little bit hard to believe at the moment. I love this place."
--- End quote ---

I am torn with him and Safin as well.  I think Safin has the edge if he recoups from the Federer match mentally and physically.  he has the extra day of rest which is good for him.  It would be nice to see an Australian with the AO.

I dont think it will happen.   Safin is too determined and playing too well right now.   Then again I thought the same thing about Federer and look what happened!    Still Hewitt looked depleted physically in his semi and I believe only won since Roddick boffed at the great opportunity he had, all factors considered.   I cant see him beating an in-form Safin in his physical state.

I can definitely see Hewitt pulling out the win.  All the crowd support, momentun and adreneline.  Even though I hope Safin beats the crap out of the annoying turd, I have visions of Safin's game coming apart and the rackets being slammed. . . . And, of course, if Hewitt wins, we'll never stop hearing about how his break-up with Kim helped his game.


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