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Overheard No. 2


Overheard Conversation at Aus. Open after the Hewitt/Roddick match:

Ring, ring, ring.

Andy:  Hello?

Brad:  Andy, it's me. Brad.  Your former coach.

Andy:  I'm in no mood to talk, Brad.  Gimme a friggin break.

Brad:  Hear me out, Andy.  

Andy:  Make it short.  I have a date in a few minutes.  I need to drown my sorrows with a blond and some Foster's.

Brad:  Ok.  Here it is in a nutshell.  YOU SUCKED!  I knew this was going to happen once you fired me.  This guy you have now, Dean Silverfine or Goldfine, whatever his name is, has no clue about coaching.  You let that little twerp Hewitt and the crowd get to you.  You could have won this match in three sets.

Andy:  That's bull and you know it.  And don't make fun of my coach.  

Brad:  Not only can you not beat Federer.  Now you can't beat Hewitt, too.  You are washed up already.

Andy:  We'll see about that.

To Be Continued . . .

lol... ;;)

LOL....funny story  :H


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