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I am glad Serena is making a match out of this.  Davenport was smoking in that first set.  

As much as I like Davenport, I think I am moved my 50/50 over to 80/20 for Serena to win.  80/20 I want her to win, not 80/20 my prediction that she will win.

My prediction at this point is Serena will win this third set though.  :)

3-0 Serena in the third.

I'd have to agree, Scott -- she's gonna take this one. After seeing how easily Davenport mentally fell apart against Dechy (a weaker player), I think an experienced player like Serena will take advantage of this. Or at least I hope she does :)~

Man oh Man did Davenport suck after blowing a 40-0 lead and Serena took full on advantage and made her pay and never let her back in the match.  Great match for Serena!!!  Congrats goes to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel so bad for Davenport. Its a terrible note to go out on.


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