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Ok, the results have been totalled and here is how we did...

Tennis4you - 5 points
SRAJ87 - 5 points
SHTexas - 5 points

ImaMadGoat - 4 points

ArcForce - 3 points
Thomas - 3 points

Jackal - 1 point

A few things...  To easy to get ties.  We need to find a better way next slam.  Maybe 2 points for guessing which round they will lose in correctly and 1 point if you are off by 1 round?  3 points if you guess the champion correctly.  That should make the point spread larger...  Thoughts about that?

Tennis Freak:
I think I missed this game.  I was busy with work the last few weeks.   :crying:

Using the system you suggested (2 for correct round, 1 for one round off, 3 for champion), here are some of the results:

Scott: 15 pts or 18- I don't know if you picked Serena to win the tournament or not
Me: 17
arcforce: 15
Shtexas: 12
Thomas: 12

My two cents:

I don't think you should get anything for being a round off. I would suggest 4 pts for the champion, 3 pts for the finalist, and 2 for each correct round loss prediction.


edit:  the only correct pick I made was Sharapova in the semis, dang  ;;)


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