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No excuses here, all class, I think she is great.  But if you want your name to be known to the world her attitude will nto get it there in the tennis world.  But I do not think she is looking for that.  The way she played today proves to me her slam winnign days are over.  If that is her goal (another slam) she can go ahead and start that family now and quit tennis.

--- Quote ---Davenport paid tribute to Williams, saying: "She's had a tough couple of years and she's come back like a champion."
--- End quote ---

Davenport's a loser ... 6-0 in the third set! Geezus Christ you have got to be kidding me. She completely mailed it in. ..-)

Davenport choked as usual.  Not to take anything away from Serena, who played somewhat great during some sets in the tournament.  I prefer when a russians play against Serena, because at least you will see some heart.

Yeah, Daevnport was a little weird out there after the first set.  Very weird!


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