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They are not showing the Bryan Brother's match!  It's friggien ESPN not a network for 1 hour shows like "Tilt".

Bring me the doubles final!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!

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Well one thing is for sure....ESPN SUCKS!! Not that I care too much about the Bryans but still...Tilt is stupid. DOWN WITH ESPN!!!:death:

ESPN never planned to show the doubles for the men or women this time.  Tilt is a new producition that had three original episodes on Thursday with many repeats.  It was produced by ESPN probably as an NHL replacement show.  Some of the repeats of Tilt were cancelled by many of the extentions of the prime time telecasts during the first week as well as the addition of three live broadcasta at 3:30 AM EST.  Also two daytime shows were extended this week even though they were on tape by 90 minutes so you would get complete matches.  With all those extentions you really cannot expect to see the doubles.  The doubles of the AO Open have been seen by ESPN but that was beacause they ran long and the men's semifinals followed them right away.  Now they have been moved to night matches so the doulbes that are played are no longer seen.  The womens semifinals have been moved to a late enough time so you don't have the problems of the doubles that are before from not beeing over in time.  Also there has been a change in the scoring system of the mixed doubles.  The mixed doubles at one time like all the other matches had no tiebreakers in the final set and it could go on and on so one year ESPN had the end of a third set of a mixed doulbles, the complete women doubles final while they waited for the men's second semifinal to start which by then was late afternoon Friday in Australia.  The first had already moved as a Thursday night match local time.  Now when the first two sets of a mixed doubles are split they go into a tiebreak third set in which the first person to score ten with a margin of two wins the match.  One person  serves and then the other person gets two serves then back to the first person with two serves an so on just like regualr tiebreaks.

No way dude.  Reruns of Tilt and Motorcycle Derby own live grand slam tennis............. :H

I wouldn't have minded seeing some doubles at least once.


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