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Will lights ever be installed for Wimbledon?

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Will lights every be installed for Wimbledon which might help with the rain delays?  If you had lights you could extend play to help make up for all the rain delays you get.  Even if you never changed the schedule it would help when play ran long and you had rain delays.  Also on cloudy days you cannot play so late at night.  They could always finish matches that ran long in the no tiebreakers final set.  I can also remember the second semifnal in the 2001 Wimbledon in which rain stopped the match in the fourth set with Tim Henman leading two sets to one.  The rain stopped about 8:30 PM but they decided the ligh was rather bad with the clouds.  If they had lights they could have resumed play and if the rain stayed away have finished the match that day instead of getting more rain delays and having it stopped in the fifth set on Saturday and finishing on Sunday and pushing back the final to Monday.  Even if they could not have finshed because of more rain they might have gotten enough in so it would have finished on Saturday and the final would have been on Sunday.

That is not a bad idea, I guess I did not realize that they did not have lights at the Big W.

They don't have lights at the French Open either but Paris has less rain than Wimbledon and they can play with a light rain at the French Open since it is clay.  After all they do have to water the clay down at times.

I strongly believe that lights will not be installed at All England, simple reason, grass needs time to recover, if you put lights less time to recover for the next day.
They are making a huge improvement installing the roof over Centre Court, lights mmm donīt see it happening.

First of all the lights would not be used every day and no night matches would ever be scheduled.  They would only be used when rain delays matches and a match that runs long because there are no tiebreakers in the final could have the light turned on for it to finish.   Maybe lights could in installed at the French Open because you would not have the problems in having the grass to recover in darkness.  That could help with rain delays and alllow night matches.


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