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Courier wins Seniors title

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I am sure it is not as gratifying, but I bet it is cool after being off of the tour for so long.  He took out McEnroe in the semis and Muster in the finals...

Nice to know those guys still play and want to compete.  Courier is ONLY 34 years old.  Agassi is that old isn't he?  And 2 kids!

Dee (civ.s):
Tell me about it Courier should still be on the regular tour cause he was playing really well.  It was great to see him play again though.

He retired pretty early in his career.  I am not sure how he would do on the regular tour, definetly not top 10.

Anyone remember why he left tennis so early?  Was it injuries?

Don't remember why Courier retired.  Maybe lack of slam progress near the end.  He started losing to guys he shouldn't have and his big weapons were not as dangerous I suppose.

Anyway, I'd be interested in getting the old timers up here in Canada.  Any contacts to make this work?

MC ill Logic:
They were showing Rusedski playing Boris Becker in the Superset Tennis event in London and Greg just narrowly beat him 11-10.  Becker was ripping winners left and right.


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