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ATP AO 2005 Game Results


Ok...  First off, I took the sticky off of the thread and it knocked it down 4 or 5 pages, here is the direct link if you wish to broswe that thread quickly...

Here are the results of the game:

ImaMadGoat:  5 points
ArcForce:  5 points
SRAJ87:  5 points

Jackal:  4 points

Thomas:  3 points
SHTexas:  3points
Tennis4you:  3 points

Agasi, I am open to other suggestions to making the point spread better, way to many ties here.  Like more points awarded in the deeper rounds like BBB suggested.

We will play this game again when the FO comes around.  Except this time McIll is required to play.  :)

Thx all!!!


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