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In case you are bored beyond belief

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Here is a link to my work's website.  If some of you do not know already, I design homes, some commercial buildings as well.

I just got done updating the Portfolio section last week.  My boss and I have been too busy to get photos of homes we have designed...  We have a list of 30 that we need to photograph and another 75 we have designed this year that will not be ready to photograph until next summer.

Enjoy your boredom!

those are very nice houses.  did you disign the one you live in?  if not, adn youa re looking to do that, copy your living room from the scarface house.  complete with elevator adn lots of bulletproof windows.   :lmao:

dagum, Scott. Looks like you're big ballin to have a job making those kinda houses. I honestly don't see how you need another job to remedy your spending habits...unless you have awfully expensive tastes....then again, you DO play tennis. Fits the stereotype..

Our spending habits I guess have not been that bad recently, but we keep getting slammed with major bills as of late.  We will survive without a second job just fine, but I know I have commented about needing one recently.  Just frustrated from the bills.

Car problems (both cars)
IRS wants more money
Tennis racquets
Indoor tennis
Roof leak
Finished a portion of our basement right now

And much more, but you do not have to hear my woes.  I tell you what I am not paying for right now, I am not paying $100.00 to EZBoard to keep ads off of my site. :)

And no, I did not design my house yet.  I am living in an existing one we moved into about 2 1/2 years ago.

My boss finally designed his own home though and moved in this summer.  Maybe someday.  His wife works so they have extra income. My wife stays home for the most part to be with our daughter, plus she is pregnant again, part of the scarey money stuff.  :)

I can relate to the money probs t4 ... the wife enjoys the mall if you know what I'm sayin!

Hey, in the bored beyond belief category ...

Try the holiday snow globe!


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