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Safin smashing racquets


If only we all got free racquets.  I would probably break 4 per match.  Jeffro can attest to that!

--- Quote ---SERENITY NOW

New Australian Open champion Marat Safin was asked whether his racket-throwing tantrums can turn his game around when things are going the wrong way.

``Thank you, thank you, thank you,'' replied Safin, indicating that was precisely the case.

Safin acknowledged it's nearly impossible to keep his emotions in check. He only broke one racket in Sunday's final, a rarity.

``Sometimes you feel like it's really eating inside of you, and you have to let it go because you cannot handle the pressure,'' said Safin. ``I was just swelling, swelling until I snapped because I couldn't take it anymore. And then it was a relief.''
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