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lots of girlfriend airtime...

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The cameras were often aimed at Hewitt's and Safin's girlfriends. My vote goes to Safin's...she is a stonecold knockout! Hewitt's honey had some cool outfits, but she looked like she had a bite splint in her mouth...unless she was just pouting because her beau was unraveling!

All I have to say is life is good for both Hewitt and afin on the dating front.  Hewitt took it to another level after Kim.

I really wish the cameramen spent less time looking at players' girlfriends and more time on the match.   It's rather annoying.

I didn't see the final but I did see previous matches and I didn't think they spent more time on the players box than usual.  Maybe they did for the finals.  But yeah, both good looking.

Yeah. I remember a side by side shot of the girlfriends.  Safin's girlfriend was definitely prettier.


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