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Hingis back tomorrow...

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Should be interesting to see how much game she has now.  I am anxious to see hwo she does.

I'm looking forward to it as well.  The women's tour is looking quite crowded...

I am looking forward to this, as well.  Seems like she does not like being a part-time commentator and misses the spotlight on the court.

I hope she does well, but there are so many hard hitter on the tour now that I am afraid she won't be able to hang with them.  She always seemed to have problems with the power players (Davenport, the Williams') and now you've got all these Russians pounding the ball.

Tennis Freak:
She is a very smart tennis player and who knows how seriously she has bene training.  For all we know she has been training secretly in the bat cave against heavy hitters getting ready to make her return.

du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BAT MAN!

du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BAT MAN!

du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BAT MAN!


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