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Video: Federer vs Murray Cinncinati Final 2006



They showed some highlights of this today on Sky Sports, quality not that great though. As Murray improves more it'll be interesting to see his future matches with Fed.

There's an xvid file too, which is quite a lot better quality:

The Youtube video quality can often be a bit iffy but anything recorded in divx/xvid is usually pretty nice.

On reviewing this match, what strikes me the most is how comfortable Murray looks just rallying with Fed from the baseline. Sounds simple - but how many of the current top 10 can actually say the same? Certainly not Blake, Berdych, Davydenko or Ljubicic. Only really Nadal and on occasions Safin and Nalbandian can do that. Agassi always looked good from the baseline vs Fed, but AA is history now. I think Gasquet and Murray would appear to be the most viable challengers to Fed in the future, followed by possibly Berdych.

Awesome!  Thanks GM!  I never got to see this match before.

Looks like Federer sliced a ton of returns.  I would be curious to know his average first serve speed too, it looks slow from the video, but who knows.  Federer's footwork is still good, but it looks slightly different to me in the video.  Just not as quick.  He still hit some nasty shots though.

One thing that Murray said after he played Fed the first time in Bangkok was that the pace of Fed's second serve was much faster than he thought, but the actual pace of the rallies were slower then he anticipated, and he felt comfortable in them. In the Cinnci match, there were 12 breaks of serve in total - 7 for Murray and 5 for Fed. Murray has some of the best ROS stats on the tour this year, and I guess that showed in this match.


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