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Anyone know how many grass court tournaments there are in 1 year?  I would like to see a more even playing field in terms of numbers of tournaments played on grass, clay and hard court.  You have to wonder how many more people would serve and volley if they grew up on the grass.  I seriously doubt many people have ever grown up hitting the majority of the time on grass.  It would be nice to have a few more grass tournaments.

i don't know

I know there is Queens and Wimbledon.  Anyone else add to the list?

I'd say about 6.  Queens and Gerry Weber are after Roland Garros.  Then there is Nottingham, and another grass tuneup in the same week.  After Wimbledon, there is the Hall of Fame tourney held in the New England area.  Total of 6.

Yep, good call.  I see 6 listed ont he ATP Website.  

I counted to get a better sense, here is the break down:

Hard Court:  31  (45%)
Clay:  25  (37%)
Carpet:  6  (9%)
Grass:  6  (9%)

To me that is pretty sad.  9%?  and 37% for clay.  I think there needs to be a better balance.  Even if it was:

Hard Court and Carpet:  50%
Clay:  25%
Grass:  25%


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