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New features with the new forum design


There are two new features with the new forum that I hope you are all able to use.

One of the features is the collapsible forum.  If you never use the "Classifieds" forum just click on the name "Classifieds" and the forums in that section will collapse and you will not see them again until you click on the name "Classifieds" again.  This should help eliminate any of the forums that you do not use and help it to seem less busy here.  The collapsible function works on any section of forums here.  You will soon see a section of about 10-11 forums of my instructional articles from my website.  It will make the forum seem long, but collapsing it will eliminate that problem.

The other function is an image function.  Right below the post box in which you post your message there is a link that says "Add image to post".  If you click that button you can upload an image from your computer (The image does not need to be hosted online somewhere ahead of time).  Select the image from your hard drive and that is it.  It uploads the images to a website that hosts the image for you and it will be displayed in the post.  It basically eliminates you from having to find someone or some website to host the image for you to be able to post images.

If you have any questions about either of these functions please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy posting!


i know next to nothing about these things. but i can say that the look of it - immediately made me comfortable, not only in usage but in the sense that "here is some place that offers , clearly, many ways to follow the interest in tennis as well as other things".

i just read an article in New York Times online about computer scientists and designers wanting to improve the web.

maybe it can give you ideas for the future and enhance your "space".  at least be ahead ., hehe.

Thanks, I will take a look at it all.  I am currently redesigning the website (not the forum) with someone else.  Anything else.


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