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Marat on Grass

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Tennis Freak:
Is it me, or does ne1 else think that Marat should do well on grass?  He has already made comments after this years Australian Open that he doesn't like the grass and has no expectations.  I for one think he could do well at Wimbledon.  I do not think he will ever win the French Open, so to work on the 3rd slam would make more sense to me.  I bet he feels he has a better chance at the French Open than he does at Wimbledon.

Yes. It is in his head to a certain extent. He did make the qf one year, didn't he?

I guess since he spent his teenage years in Spain on clay, he feels more comfortable on it.

One thing about grass - his high kicking serve doesn't kick too high.

Rafter would of had the same problem on grass but he still did very well there.  But of coarse he serve and volleyed as well.

But I agree, certainly in his head.  I think he might suprise himself this year if he is playing well going into it.  He definitely needs to play a tune-up match on it, maybe Queens.

If he can get a few rounds into the event, I think his attitude will improve with every match.

Yep, he just needs to find a groove on the surface.  He got to the quarterfinals in 2001 before losing to the eventual winner, Goran Ivanisevic.


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