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I have just registered as GRAF_SAMPRAS1   with this forum, which I always thought from previous visits was a wonderful one.

Particularlly because it also provides "nontennis" topics - which are natural functions of the world of the internet and communication between people,

I was GRAF_SAMPRAS in ESPN;'s message board - but apparently i was banned, like some others with rather political views of a certain bent -- i.e. - decidedly against wars such as those by a certain emperor that just got a dressing down in a certain election , to the world's apparent relief (which goes to show  I and many others in this world are NOT in the minority in that regard).

i want to try and see if this message board is more open about such things - having provided a forum AMONG tennis fans , to also express other views on other subjects not entirely related to tennis ONLY.

after all -- where is there a RULE that a TENNIS FAN -- such as myself and many others can not be THINKING about world affairs of which tennis is but an ESCAPE from? hehe!

I think i have at some point or other mentioned to others in ESPN or another message board i used to go to before it somehow "disappeared" and wasn't quite the same afterwards (but i hope it gets back the "old folks") - that the   forum is one very good one.

so I am following my own advice!

as it is -- i choose the name above so people have an idea where i come from in terms of my tennis "bias".

which means of course -- i think that pete sampras is DA BEST.


I am a Sampras fan as well.  I will insert one of my favorite pics at the bottom of this message just for you.  Ok, Ok, for me too.

I just created this section of the forum the other day, congrats on being the first to use it.  :)

Welcome to the forums!  I hope you find a new home here and I look forward to your posts!

I really don't understand why they have to be so strict about such things. it't not as if this isn't a big enough world with so much traffic that websites can't be sharing "people"...

for my part -- apart from outrightly harrassing and malicious, and intentionally destructive participation (and even at that , there are social ways to exert pressure to shame people and let them demonstrate their stupidity) - i don't see why "traffic" can't go both ways or in all directions.

if places are like that - i sometimes think THEY ARE afraid of competition and shouldn't be in the internet!

part of what it offers is its FREEDOM - AND the freedom to choose QUALITY.  and if part of it is naturally the desire to also make money from websites - there is nothing wrong with it, and it's RIGHT for people, such as you , if that is the case - to desire that or hope for it as a part of the service or "community" you offer. but that also means an openness towards OTHERS -- to put in a word for themselves.

it smacks a bit too much of "competition" and too little of "cooperation" on something that is big enough for everyone -- tennis and offerings with so much variety and different and unique characteristics.

i would consider it a COMPLIMENT if i were you that they don't want "competition" , lol!

Hi G_S,

I'm glad to see you.  I won't talk about other boards and all that unpleasant stuff.

Happy you are posting again.

Best wishes,



Tenebrist, welcome to the forums!!!


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