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I know that this forum design is pretty simple and not all that exciting.  As an Architect I like things clean and simple with clean lines and easy to comprehend.

Anyways, here is another skin for this forum I would be willing to tollerate.  It also comes with the option to use "quick reply" so you would not have to click "reply" if you did nto want to, there would be a quick reply at the bottom of each thread to for to reply in if you so wished.  You could also click on "reply" and post how we do now too.

Any thoughts on this skin?

How bout a button to click that would suck the info from our brain so that we wouldn't have to type nuffin?  In my case, a lot of times it would be suckin in a lot of nuffin. :insane:

If only my friend...



I like this one...


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