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You've been a serve and volleyer for ever, right?  Anyway what has stopped you from choosing heavier, more head-light rackets to get more touch on your volleys?  I mean a T5 isn't really my idea of a great volley stick, especially for a 4.5.

In High School I was strickly a baseliner.  I would only come to the net when I had to.  But in college I couldn't find anyone to play who was good.  I started serve and volleying to get people off of the court quicker because they were so bad.  That and they couldn't hurt me anyways regardless if I was used to it or not.

But then something else happened...  I met a guy who was friggin incredibule.  He had no one else to hit with up at this college.  So every day we hit.  I could not hit baseline winners against this guy, maybe 5-8 per match at most.  I have heard TONS of people tell me I am the fastest player they have ever seen.  Well let me tell you something, this guy was 5'-10" and faster than me, I have never seen anything like it before.  He could stop on a dime and turn like it was nothing.  I am 5'-4", stopping like that is my advantage for being short, but this guy was sweeeeeeet!  So I had to serve and volley just to be able to make a match out of it with this guy, although he usually got the better of me, we had some classic matches!

I was using the Hammer 5.2 classic.  It was head heavy but I loved it.  They all broke, and I had problems getting more, so I changed.

I swittched over to the Wilson Triad 6.0.

I am not sure what the T5 reference is you speak of.  The Wilson Triad is mucho head light compared to what I had, and it is a tid bit heavier, but I do not notice that.  I love this thing for volleys.  The head light part allows me to get it in place quicker, and that is great for dubs.  The Wilson Hammer 5.2 I was using was very head heavy, but I had used it for so long I was used to it.  I like the Triads better.

Answer your question?  What is the T5?

o ok.  Thought you were using a Triad 5.0

I am new to the Triad series.  The only reason I ever picked one up is because my last Hammer broke a string and I used a spare racquet in my Partners (Jeffro) bag.

If you like to serve and volley, you can't go wrong with the Dunlop Revelation series.  I've been using the Revelation 95 since '91 and it is rock solid.  It also weighs a ton, which I like.  You can have those feathery sticks, I stick to mine.


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