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Tennis Highlights: Federer vs. Ljubicic - 2006 YEC

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I have to really really really thank you for the videos. this one however, the yousendit one seems to be an incomplete or corrupted file. it tells me "the avi file is broken" or something to that effect and doesnt play more than the first few seconds. is tehre anyway you can fix this? this was a great game and i wanted to this one.. it was amazing - you could see how fed moves compared to ljubicic who basically stood there for the most part (well he is also taller and more coverage but still).
thank you very very much for the other vids too.

The YouSendIt Video crapped out for me too.  I am just the messanger getting these from whereever I can find them and then posting links for you guys to watch.  I have been living off of the highlights myself since I have not been seeing many matches lately.  These videos are awesome, and I have certainly expressed my appreciation to those who make them.  :)

yes .. and you tennis4you - i cant thank you enough for showing me this place. thakn you very very much.

I am just glad you found us. :)


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