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You learn something new everyday

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Just found out my hockey coach is a 5.0 and works for the ATP.  Talk about sweet.  :lmao:   I gotta ask him to help me train this spring.

i agree thats one of my motos u learn someting new everyday :a) [/quote]

Ha, one of my mottos too.  I say it a ton.  5.0 eh, that is some tough tennis!  Unless of coarse your name is McIll...  HEY, where is McIll?

lol is 5.0 like pro...i am still in junior tennis(16's) so i have not been in many adulut tournys so..yeah :|

am i even on the right track of wut yall are talking about 5.0 and stuff is adult tennis lvl's rite? :|


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