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Wish I could be there for this!!!


If only I had the time and money to travel and watch (and of coarse play) tennis

--- Quote ---Cape tennis enthusiasts in for feast as legends clash
February 02, 2005, 19:15

Cape Town tennis enthusiasts are in for a feast as four former Wimbledon champions will be in action in the Grand Champions tournament this weekend. Boris Becker, Pat Cash, Michael Stich and Goran Ivanisevic will take on each other in a round robin contest at the Cape International Convention Centre.

They admit they might be a bit slower now, but they are still capable of top class tennis. They train daily and are in peak condition. The former greats play about 16 tournaments a year on the Legends Tour which is not that far behind the regular tour.

Cash says hopefully they can go out there and play good tennis. "I think we will and also have a bit of fun. We don't get too upset with the line calls anymore, not too upset."

Becker, Cash, Stich and Ivanisevic will play in the singles competition. Matts Wilander, Henri Leconte, Mansour Bahrami and South Africa's Pietie Norval will play doubles. Norval, a former Olympics silver medalist, says with guys serving huge like Boris, Goran and Michael it's going to play pretty fast especially in the singles. "In the doubles it's going to be different. It's going to be fun with guys like Henri around, he's a joker and Mansour who is one of the funniest guys on the court."

Meanwhile, the finishing touches are being applied to the surface in the convention centre which will seat about 5 000 spectators.
--- End quote ---

*sigh* me tooo me tooo....... :\

No McEnroe on grass???

It isn't a grass tournament is it?  Unless u know something I do not.

oops my bad


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