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U would think that after 4+ weeks my tests results for the Architectural Licensing Exam would be in my mailbox.  But NOOOOO, these doosh-bags like to sit on their butts and do nuthin apparently.  I know I should be patient and be nice but this is rediculous.

They know if I passed or failed as soon as I walk out of the test center, yet I have to wait 4-6 weeks?!?  What a load of crap.  Probably the only profession that doesn't tell you your score and doesn't tell you what a passing grade is.

I just want my results...    :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:  :ranting:

You are not alone young Grasshopper.  I took a test to get certified in my profession that was graded by a computer and still had to wait 10 weeks!!!  So, do not panic....all is well.


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