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Looking for a challenge in Ventura county or 805 area CA


Hello all,

Im looking for match in Tennis , with wooden racquets, i play with a wooden racquet and have not been in a a match witha  opposing player who could manage to play with one.

Is there a player out there that can play with a wooden racquet , if not i think ive cornered the market in being the only remaining player, and i might ad , undefeated in every match attemted.  I wish there were tournaments that had only a standard size racquet to be used.  I love watching the game played with finess and skill.  

Bjorn (Mark)

there are some wood-only tournaments out there.  I'm pretty sure there would be some in cali.

Welcome to the forums BB23!

I think I mentioned before that in Cinny I heard there was a wood racquet tournament each summer.  I would like to play in it once to see how it goes.  I have a Bjorn Borg wood racquet from who knows when.  I keep it in my tennis bag to hit with it once in a great while.  I hit suprisingly well with it.


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