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Anyone use these racquets yet?

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I would be very interested to see how they feel!

Naw. I've really wanted to see how they hit tho...they look awesome.

I hear they're doing some sort of 'demo-tour' but the few cities they're going to are few in number and I must admit I'm not dsperate enough to hit w. them to drive hours....

*shrugs* I'd look forward to demoing them in the future tho.

I talked to a guy today that demos and writes reviews for racquets.  he said he has the grey and red one in his bags right now, but he has to send them back tomorrow.  He said the grey was was awesome, the red one was a "dog".

You'd have to pay me to use a Prince.  Never liked them.  Give me a Dunlop anyday.  Although I did like the Prince Graphite that came out around 1985 but never bought one.

I guess I have not used a Prince since 1995.  I have been using Wilson since then.  I never really think about it much, I just go with what feels good.  Never used a Dunlop.


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