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I am not sure if anyone is following the Pan Pacific Open, but Davenport has to play Kuznetsova next.  I think that should be a great match up.  I say 3 sets either way, 50/50.

I think Kuznetsova has a better chance. Both hit extremely hard but Kuznetsova got a bigger forehand and she's twice as fast as Davenport. But then again, Kuznetsova can be so erratic at times. We'll just have to see which one shows up.

Well, Davenport won in straight sets.  Impressive.  She has to play Sharapova in the finals now.  I would think that Sharapova has the edge, but look at what happened last time I said that  :)

Looks like they had a great final....  7-6 in the final for Sharapova.  She is now #3 int he world.

6-1, 3-6, 7-6

Good win for Sharapova, after the lose to Serena.  Wasn't sure how she would recover after that one, especially since she had some match points.

Davenport should just retire while she is still #1.  It's not like she is going
to win another slam, so this would be a good way to go out.


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