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Ok Val, this one is for you...  :)

3,000 s.f. first floor
3,000 s.f. second floor
2,800 s.f. finished basement
10' ceiling height first floor
9' ceiling height second floor
Pool in rear
Walk out basement
5 car garage
Sun room
Huge kitchen
Estimated to be $1.2 - $1.4 in construction costs...  I do not know what the contractor paid for the lot.

Front Elevation

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Lower Level

MC ill Logic:
Whose house will this be?

A house for a contractor we do some work for that own the company and builds 40-50 homes per year.


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Front Elevation

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Lower Level

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Well, I particularly like your stairs, especially in the main foyer.  I like the centrality of the stairs in that you have a two foyers, in essence.  I also like the two sets of stairs to the basement, which I don't see around here that much because we don't have basements, as a rule.  Are you setting this house?  Which way does the morning sun come in?  Is that a walk-in closet above the three car garage?  If so, that's the biggest I've ever seen.

That is a walk-in closet above the garage.  It is a fair size.  The long side walls do slope down to 6' tall, so some space is lost in that.  I am sure the text is too hard to read, but looks like you know what you are looking at.

If I recall correctly, North is straight up on the page.  This lot is fairly narrow, well, it became narrow when the Owner asked for a garage court yard and we had to drive past a garage to get to the car port.  I love the idea, but this house is just a few inches from each side yard setback.  But it has great depth.

I am not sure what you mean by "setting" the house.  We did do a site plan.  :)

I liek the 2 sets of stairs from inside the house (and one from inside the garage) as well.  The front stair is all for show.  I assume guests will almost always use the one in the parkign court.

The den is on the right hand side with the oval desk in it.  It also has a side entry for his subs.  He is a contractor and it is nice to have sub not track dirt and crap through the house.  This Owner knows what looks good, always fun to work with them because you can do nice stuff.   Some owners just want a big house with little extra.  Kinda blah.  I will try to post a hosue a week just for you.  :)


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