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Tennis coverage on ESPN
« on: February 05, 2005, 10:59:52 AM »
I have looked at the ESPN site to see what tennis they have coming up.  It seem they will have the Davis Cup the first weekend in Match.  It will be outdoors in Carson, California.  Friday lists at 3:00 PM EST which is noon in California.  That looks live.  Saturday is 10:00 PM EST which would be 7:00 local time which probably is tape because they only allocate two hours.  Sunday is 11:00 PM EST which is probably the deciding match on tape.  Then comes Indian Wells with daytime coverage which will be two to four hours.  The nighttime coverage all seems to be live with the first match starting at 10:00 PM EST which is 7:00 local time.   This year the night sessions will start an hour later so the daytime sessions are all over.  There seemed to be no listing the the FLorida Masters Series yet.  I don't know how the NHL lockout will affect coverage since the NHL has not pulled the plug on the season yet.  I don't know if the are assuming there will be any NHL or not.  Also if the NHL comes back with replacment players next fall TV coverage may be less for the NHL because with replacments you will lose interest.  Then in March ESPN is launching a new youth service called ESPNU which will have college sports and repeats of college football games during the NCAA tournament.  In later years when this gets on more systems some of the college basketball games could move there and leave more time for tennis.  Then we might get on Sunday for US time zone hosted sites both Sunday Davis Cup matches live and perhpas complete coverage of the Indian Well tournamet.  The same could happen for the Davis Cup semifinas in September when more football games move to ESPNU.  I don't know how quick these college sports will move over to ESPNU but if they move over as quick as the European Masters series moved over to the Tennis Channel we might get better tennis coverage on ESPN and ESPN2.

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Tennis coverage on ESPN
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Thanks for the update :thx!)

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Tennis coverage on ESPN
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Indeed, thx for the update!
Good Luck on the Court!!!
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Tennis coverage on ESPN
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