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Hello I'm Alison2006 (soon to be 2007), Tennis is my favourite sport along with Football (Barcelona) my fave, and I also enjoy Snooker..
Anyway, back to Tennis, my favourite player of all time is Pete Sampras, his 14 Grand Slams "Amazing"....
With regards of today's player's I enjoy watching Marat Safin (when his head is screwed on)... Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet.

Hello Alison,
                    Welcome to Glad to see you here. I am sure you would enjoy commenting here.
Welcome again.

Ps. Are you the same alison from BBC boards? Just curious. I used to follow them a lot, never posted much though.

Hi Alison2006!  Welcome to the forums!  We have been getting a lot of Sampras fans lately which is great.  I am a big Sampras fan as well.  I will post for you what I posted for them, enjoy!

Feel free to jump in anywhere!!!

What's snooker?


--- Quote from: "wilsonboy" ---What's snooker?
--- End quote ---

You have to say "welcome" before you are allowed to ask questions.  :)

Here is Snooker:


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