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There are a few complete matches there, no recent ones.. most of them are  95-00 range i think.  One from 06.

Thanks Pawan.  Where did you first see my website?

I actually do a mixture of old and new matches.  Right now I have 4 matches from this year:

Masters semifinal - Federer v Nadal
Miami semifinal - Kuznetsova v Mauresmo
Miami quarterfinal - Mauresmo v Ivanovic
WTA semifinal - Mauresmo v Clijsters

I have many matches on my site which I update weekly/every two weeks sometimes and I like to mix it up.  Next month I plan to do lots of matches from previous Australian Opens

Hi, Tennis 4 You asked me to keep you guys posted of when I make updates on my website.  Therefore, from now on I will use this thread to inform you about new matches.  So, today I've added these matches:

1991 ATP (Masters) final - Sampras v Courier 9Very good tennis in this match)
1994 Masters final - Sabatini v Davenport
2005 WTA final - Mauresmo v Pierce
1995 US Open semifinal - Seles v Conchita Martniez


Awesome, thanks for the update and the links!  I would actually suggest you start your own thread for each one so people can find them easier.  I bet most people search the forums by browsing the thread title.  You can do it either way you wish, but I bet a thread for each would be sweet!

I am going to go check out the 1991 Sampras vs Courier match.  The first match I ever watched was Sampras vs Courier in 1991 but I could not tell you what match.  I do remember 1 shot in particular though, I am going to go see if this was it.


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