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Anyone here ever have any luck with magnets for injuries?  Nikken is the main magnet maker, they make it in jewlery.  I have had injuries for a while now, not so severe that I cannot play, but nagging injuries none the less.  Supossibly magnets help increase blood flow.  Some people swear by them and some people think they are a big crock.

Anyways, wifey got me a braclet made by Nikken on Ebay.  I wear it at night, I just got it two days ago.  I am wearing it on the arm that has the tendenitous in the shoulder.  Can't hurt, unless my arm falls off or something.  They make shoulder brace magnets, necklaces, even bed matress stuff.

Anyone try these?

Tennis Freak:
I had a friend back in college try those magnets and he loved them.  I do not know if I woudl try them or not.  I guess if nothing else was working I would be trying anything.  I hope they help you.

magnetic field treatment is not new. The only way I have actually seen it work is the kind where the magnetic field is powered by electricity. But then only with bone cracks and fractures or other traume recovery.
If it works , great! Might be a lot better to have a good look at why you have tendinitis.....

I actually went to thearapy about 4 years ago when it started hurting.  It is only on the serve and only if I have to serve too much, like a few singles matches in 1 or 2 weeks.  I can play dubs 5 times a week and it almost never bothers me.  Just yet another reason I play more dubs.  I took 3 months off and did all the stuff they told me to do and it came right back when I started playing again.

5 years ago I quit lifting weights, it started hurting 1 year after that.  The people at the therapy place told me the smaller muscles in my shoulder are not strong enough for the abuse of my serve.  But it has felt good all summer, but again, mostly dubs.

looks like you serve differently in dubs than in singles. A very common occurence. A lot of people try to serve harder in singles, in dubs they go for more relaxation. Do you play serve and volley in dubs, and in singles? With the forward motion , and the more forward ball toss, the serve is not as tough on the shoulder as when you stay back.
A ball toss an inch further back can be the difference between pain and no pain.
A lot of stetching and of course muscle training, off court,  help too.



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