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Well, Tennis Rag is counting down the top 40 players, male and female, of the past 40 years, coinciding with the 40 years that Tennis Magazine's been published.  Final 8 to come out at the end of the year.

So, who are your top 4 men and women?

Mine:  Not Necessarily in Order.

Billie Jean King
Martina Navratilova
Steffie Graf
Chris Evert

Rod Laver
Pete Sampras
Bjorn Borg
Arthur Ashe

OK, that last one was a little sentimental, but not much.  Style points for character apply in this list. Oh, and on second thought, the list was in order...

they look like very good predictions to me the only one that i may slightly question is arthur ashe.

I would have the same for the women, for the men, I would drop either McEnroe, Connors or Agassi instead of Ashe, but that's just my opinion.

My problem is that I never saw Borg, Ashe or Laver play.  Sampras holds the record even though he won no FOs.  I give him the #1 spot.

Women (In Order:)
-Martina Navratilova
-Steffi Graf
-Billie Jean King
-Margaret Court

Men (In Order:)
-Rod Laver
-Pete Sampras
-Bjorn Borg
-Ivan Lendl


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