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Scott--new user question


Just want to make sure I (and possibly others) don't infringe on the rules. Some of us Yak-women (okay, mainly me) would occasionally  ..-)  comment on some of the more, um, attractive male pros. We were also in the habit of calling each other (and ourselves) skanks (in a joking, NOT malicious, manner). After "reviewing" the "Hottest Female Player" thread, I think we will be safe in continuing this practice but just wanted to confirm the parameters. BTW, boys, there will be a lot of women joining this board from Rak-Yak but don't think for a minute that we can't keep up with you.  :)~

CGW, we need more women posting here.  Just about anything goes here, to an extent.  No nudity (not that you would post any) and no ripping on other members.  I think in the last 2 months I have had to delete one post, so that is great.  People here are very cool and I am very excited you have signed up here.  So balance this board out and talk about those hotties.  Although I may not comment on which male has the nicest butt, I will certainly allow it.  :)  I appreciate you checking though.,

:welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)

I am glad she asked this because i wasn't that sure on that part o fthe rules either. Thanks.


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