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Well this is my first time doing this forum thing but, just wanted to say hey to everyone who is on these forums. Here is my information I am 17 Junior in High School, I play both private and School Tennis, Best I have done in a tournement is Semi-finals in USTA tounament, I am going for #1 player on my high school tennis team this year. Well sorry for all the rambling on but if anyone lives near Spokane, Washigton send me an email Well thanks for listening please respond with some of your information please.

Hey Jarrod, glad you found us here!

I am 29, for a few more days, and I play a ton of tennis.  I live in Columbus Ohio.  I played #1 for my high school back in 1994.  No college tennis, I took a different route.

Tennis4you is my baby, and I set these forums people people to come and chat about anything tennis related, and well, sometimes we get off track and talk about other stuff too.

 :welcome)  :welcome)  :welcome)

Also to add if any1 lives near spokane and offering tennis instruction or lessons please reply. I need to work on a better backfand and serve


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