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just a quick hi,im sid & a murray fan.thanks for letting me in here,nice to meet you all here :H

Hey Sid, good to have you!

Murrya looks in trouble right now, 0-4 to Nadal.  I hope to see him make a vicious comeback right now.  He blew (2) break points in the last game though.  Deep trouble...

Welcome to the forums!!!

Murray needs to be fitter to win these 5 set matches...

hi Tennis4you & Craig,thanks for your kind welcomes here.Nadal will feel this game he has just had.i know he won the last set 6-1 but it was great fun to watch.Murray is slowly getting stronger match by match,this i think we can all see.Come the masters or open in the USA,i think murray will be a winner of 1 of these.
sid :)

Yeah I can't wait to see Murray make steady progress this year! We need some good players from Britain :))


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