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Hey everyone, I just got my new rackets today (Wilson N-code 6.1 tour 95)
I played with them today and they felt amazing my swing felt for consitant and contacted with greater force. I just wanted to know if anyone has say on this racket or any other rackets.

Thanks Jarrod

Hey Jarrod, good choice on the rackets, I have 2 of the same, got them last year after using the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 for about 10 years.  Love the N-Codes.  I strung the old Pro Staff at around 62 pounds and found that I needed to reduce the tension quite a bit to make the N-Codes feel comfortable.  I have them strung at 55 now and they feel great.

Thanks for the input, just wanted to know what type of serve do you use with the n-code i could never get it to work tonight when i hit. I usually hit more or a slice serve into the body but when i hit with the racket it seems i have no force or i am doing somthing totally wrong.

Jeffro is serving well with that racquet.  He can hit whichever serve he needs to with it.  He has a nasty slice serve which can pull you waaaaay out wide, he can flatten it out up the "T" or simply kick serve.

I hit a little bit of everything on the serve, some slice and some flat stuff.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the N-Codes on the serve.  I've had to take a little off the first serve, but all in all, I haven't had to change much from the Pro Staff and I feel like I'm serving as well as I ever have.  Most of my serve problems arise from mechanics rather than rackets anyway.  I've been able to serve ok with just about any racket as long as I concentrate on the mechanics (consistent toss, watch the ball, knee bend, etc).  My best advice is to not over-analyze it or radically change your service motion, just hit it like you always do and make a few minor adjustments if needed, once you play with the racket a little longer.  Good luck!


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