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Hey everybody!

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Hi everybody, My name is Calum, and obviously I'm new to this place, I've been following Babblebot's Contests for a while, so I'm glad that I'll get the chance to join in

(I'm not always this corny)

I hope to enjoy the forum,

Murrayfan11 (Calum)

Also, I use a Babolat Contest Lite by the way :)

Welcome to the forums!!!  I hope you find plently of tennis chatter to join in on!

hi Calum,welcome 2 tennis4you :) im new here myself & a murray fan like youself.i think we can all see great things from murray sure there will be other players looking over there shoulders with the way he is now playing.
sid :)

Nice to meet you sid, you're the 2nd Murray fan I've met, also Eureka, so we are appearing to make quite an impact!


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