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Navratilova Quote - Really?

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Navratilova made the quote below about the women's tour being deeper than the men's tour.  I had seen it the other way around, at least a year ago I did.  Does Federer alone take out a crap load of the depth on the men's tour?  I still think more men outside the top 10 could beat some of the top 10 men.  On the women's side some of the women like Serena, Henin play the first few rounds in Slams and make the players look like amatures.    

Thoughts about that?  Is the WTA really deeper?  If Federer wasn't around would the same still be true?

--- Quote ---Navratilova believes the depth in the women's game is greater than the men's, where Swiss maestro Roger Federer reigns supreme. She's a big fan of the multi-skilled Federer.

"He is kicking some butt in a serious way and there's no end in sight. It's amazing what he does on court with the ball, all the different spins he puts on the ball. He makes great players look ordinary."

In part that extra women's depth is down to playing numbers. More women are playing than men.

"The depth is better at the top but most of all it's better in the middle.

"Many more players are capable of getting in the top 10 or beating a top player on a given day. I had easier first or second round games than the top players these days.
--- End quote ---

Navratilova is right, except she forgets that nobody cares about the women's game unless the two players playing are hot and wearing short skirts and low-cut tops.

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Navratilova is wrong.

a) The fact that Fed completely dominated the ATP has nothing to do with deapth of the tour.

b) Fed has had one of the best years ever on the ATP and people are expecting him to repeat that dominance. I, for one, don't think it's gonna happen.

c) The early rounds of the ATP are far more competitive than those of the WTA. That does have something to do with deapth.

The men definelty have more interesting first, second, third round matches.  The women's are right down boring to watch until the 4th round, scratch that, until the semis.


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