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Help with my forehand!

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I don't really know whats going on but recently my forehand has become about as reliable as a toothpick sailboat. It started to tear down about two weeks ago and last friday it was horrendous. The thing was a week before it started to go south, it was working pretty well.

I have a tendency to jump when I hit the ball, and I also have a tendency to turn my hitting hand from facing up (racquet head pointing to my right) all the way of to face down (to my left) The ball sails long all the time. I just got back from an hour and a half worth of wall hitting, and only made slight improvements, but still every now and then I sail it way high and long....I don't expect it to happen when it does.

My backhand has gotten extremely solid as of late and I'd almost rather hit the backhand, than my forehand. I use a two hander and so I am forced to turn my body, unlike my forehand which is more of an open stance. I can drive the ball down the line and crosscourt with my backhand pretty easily, but I have almost no direction with my forehand right now....and it wouldn't upset me so much except that I used to be able to crush the ball crosscourt.

I think a lot of it comes from me thinking to much about all of it, but if anyone has any tips for me I would appreciate it.

P.S. - most of my hitting is done in a racquetball room because of the weather and so I can't really hit sharp angles. I'm thinking this is why I have lost direction with my forehand. Any idea's. I also get crunched up a lot cause there is a lot of room running side to side.




hey goat.....sounds like you need to go back to the basics. keep your feet moving, keep your eye on the ball, get the racquet back early, bend the knees and hit the s**t out of it early and don't forget to follow through! i used to live in buffalo so i know what your weather is like up there. i live in atlanta and play all year. good luck!

i didn't sign in on the last post, i was the guest....sorry.

Madgoat - When my forehand is mis firing I like to go back to making sure I get tons of topspin and tons of clearnance on my shots.  I typically miss forehands long when I try to flatten out the shot too much and it sails on me.

As for the jumping thing, a lot of people sorta jump when they move to an open stance.  I think I do a lot of jumping off of the forehand side.

If you can get back into that racquetball court just work on hitting lots of topspin with not a lot of pace.  When you hit the court try the same thing.  Should be easier on the court because the balls will bounce higher than the gym floor.

You can hit the ball as hard as you want as long as you hit with enough topspin to bring the ball back down.


I liked your pointer about hitting more topspin, however, maybe Goat doesn't use a topsin grip (western) so hitting more topspin might not be the answer.  But when you also mention higher net clearance I say bravo!  Regardless of the grip, if you are making lots of unforced forehand errors, especially into the net, then higher net clearance should be at least a short term goal.  If using the western grip, then Scott is dead on....increase the top spin.  If using Continental or Eastern backhand grip, maybe take some pace off, get the high net clearance, build the confidence level back up, then gradually start going for your shot more.  Walk before you run.  Good luck.


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